Thursday, 5 February 2015

Brasneki's Band Bags Brilliant Badman

You'll remember this gang from a while ago. White Russians looking to cause a Romanov restoration; at least that's what the Mission Statement says. But, as we all know, missions have a habit of creeping and they don't come much creepier than this character. Wears his heavy overcoat and ushanka all the time, even in the hottest places. This is a left over from his means of escape from The Red Hordes: he was forced into a refrigerated meat wagon which traversed Siberia in the dead of winter. I like that he's a bit porky too, or is that just layers under that greatcoat? Note the wagging finger; he's given to declaiming at the drop of a hat;  he's also a pretty good shot to boot, favouring a Luger-style gat. He made his way west via Shanghai to rendezvous with The Baron in Paris. Ladies and gentlemen I give you

Vasily Tiklikov (you'll just have to practice saying it I'm afraid.....)

The figure is a Bob Murch Pulp figure from the Spies set. Thankfully NorthStar in UK are now selling these wonderful figures. After the usual clean-up I undercoated with matt black Plastikote and then painted the toy with Vallejo paints. I have to say it was a joy to paint and I am looking forward to daubing the others.

Here's Vasily with his new besties:

Updates as they happen, Chumrades!


  1. Hah! Vasily is a great looking character and should do just fine lurking in the shadows of your gaming table.

    1. It's that red collar I think, demonic....;-)