Monday, 11 February 2013

Toy Trucks 3

Production moves inexorably forward to painting, weathering and red-starring. Just the bases to go. Plus some work on the appalling tyres of the truck on the left in the first pic.

I've had a request from Alan/Tradgardmastare for details on how I weathered these vehicles. It's very straightforward mainly because I want it done quickly with the minimum of fuss.

I use Earth Brown, a piece of paper and trimmed down largish paint brush.

Dip the brush in the Earth Brown; skim most of it off back into the pot; then I work the brush back and forth on the paper to get it almost dry.

Then with light back & forth strokes I work from the front of the vehicle. Ideally the brush should lightly touch raised surfaces. Repeat as needed until you're happy. I try to think logically where muck would accumulate. That includes doors and running boards where chaps get in and out of the vehicle.

I then repeat the process with a pale sand colour paint. This time I only brush over upper surfaces like the front of the cabs and the tilts. I also dry brush the windscreens with the sand to get a filthy window effect.

And that's it.

Trucks Deluxe (apart from the tyres)

More tyre trauma

Propaganda & Radio Trucks



  1. I have some similar trucks in my Megablitz armies ... and they really do look right when painted up like yours are.

    They are also quite cheap and east to get hold of ... if you don't mind scouring charity shops and boot fairs.

    All the est,


    1. Thanks, Bob, very good of you to say that :-)

      That is exactly what I do: rummage! Charity shops often have all kinds of useful vehicles often for pennies.


  2. Do tell a little of the weathering process...

  3. Lovely and productive work James. Well done on the thrifty approach.

    1. Paul, thank you very much for your kind words! Cheap and cheerful is the slogan for me!

  4. SOme people might be offended by the 'go faster' wheels - but not me! Put a lot of 'mud' on them...

    1. Cheap, cheerful and very muddy will ensure Victory!

      As for some types getting the hump over the go-fasters......well that's for them to deal with and I wish them well :-)

      All the best