Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Cake Frenzy

It was my birthday last week, the 7th. Anyway on the 6th my friend Virginia made me a cake and brought it to dance class. It was a chocolate and raspberry sponge covered in white frosting inlaid with white chocolate buttons. Sadly I forgot to take a photo before it was devoured by my dance chums. I only got a piece because my friend Simon saved one for me.It was quite something to have the whole class sing 'Happy Birthday' to me.

The following day my two daughters presented me with a Victoria Sponge cake they'd made for me. That too was delish and lasted a bit longer than the first one. The kids also sang 'Happy Birthday' to me with modified lyrics which I won't trouble you with hehe. I also forgot to photo this one too.

I've never had two large birthday cakes before so to say I was touched and flattered would be an understatement. I also got some lovely cards and prezzies including a Hansel & Gretel tea-cup and saucer from my friend Estelle the Queen of Chintz. Thank you all very much!


  1. Congratulations on your birthday.

    It was my birthday on 7th as well, so further congratulation are in order.

    All the best,


    1. How excellent is that!? Aquarians easily make the best bloggers don't you think, Bob? hehe