Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Nahzee Nuisance 2

Following on from NN-1 the other day here's the finished article. I'm not 100% happy with the camo scheme on this toy. I think I've been a bit heavy handed; since it's my first ever go at Fritzy camo I'm happy to let it pass muster and become a tank battalion. The first of the tank battalions for 2nd Panzer Division. Why 2nd? Well they seemed to have fought all over the shop and were, in essence, Austrian. Which appeals to my warped sense of fun.

I also left off the turret appliqué armour. Mainly to avert more toy-based trauma. I think it makes the toy look charming. But then that's how I roll ;-)

Somewhere In USSR

You're Not Leaving Until This Mess Is Cleared Up!

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  1. Not bad for a first go at that camo, needs some brown spider lines me thinks having done a quick google for german tank camo images.
    I'll stick to my 1:150 semi modern stuff,
    from pg-models, everything is olive and black.

    1. I did the same and decided on the scheme from the kit build instructions.Too much choice really.

  2. I think the Heer would be pleased to field it James. Well done and I agree about the turret armour!

    1. Cheers, Paul! Apart from making the tank look bigger I do wonder how effective those schurzen were at stopping T-34 rounds.