Friday, 1 February 2013


I mentioned a week or two ago I'd painted up three 28mm uniformed plod for Geezers. Well here they are on an aggressive patrol of their manor. They own these streets, well, they keep them in trust for Gene and the 'tecs. You know how it is with the CID wide-boys.

The buildings are for O-gauge railways so are a little big but who cares? My other buildings are 20mm scale but it's the look of the thing that's important!The offy was cobbled together from left-over bits from the terraces. The cars are die-casts from some maker or other, I got them cheap down the market.

The adverts are all genuine 1970s jobs just copied and re-sized - blindin'!

Be lucky!


  1. Ah the Seventies! Who could forget dayglo bri-nylon underpants!

    Kind regards, Chris

    1. Nor the friction burns thereof! Happy days!