Saturday, 24 August 2013

Max Random

I've been down the charity shops today. I found this:

Missing horns, probably already rampaged a bit.

And these
They're resin, about 30mm. Will probably find themselves in a HotT army

The buildings aren't charity shop finds. I made them ages ago and found them in the shed. The walls are made of mounting board; chimneys are, I think, large matchsticks cut to shape and the roofs are from a window blind. They're a bit tatty but a quick spruce up and they'll be used in forthcoming Mexican Revolution games. Their scale is probably about 10mm.

The Schneider was a gift from Chris Kemp at last week's MB game at Shrivenham. My French tank division is really starting to look good. Unless you compare it to a Panzer division of course.......

I'm putting together a Western Desert Toy Force and needed some Indian troops. I've matched up Revell Scots Infantry with HAT Colonial Indian Infantry heads. Not too shabby either.

Welcome to new follower Don M, thank you following! I also noticed blog views have gone over 20,000 some time in the last 24 hours. Thank you all for your continuing support!



  1. Great buildings and a awesome idea about the headswaps James. Good post!

    1. Cheers, Paul, not sure where or when I got the idea for the heads but it works!