Thursday, 1 August 2013

British Voices On The Hills Part 2

From here we drove to the Memorial Cairn near the hills occupied by the British Battalion. Following a few minutes reflection Juan and Jesús led us to the area which was the Battalion’s HQ position, and also to the site of No.2 Company’s machine gun positions on the 12th February 1937. Crossing the valley we made our way up to the hill that was held by 3 and 4 Companies on the 12th February. In front was Conical hill held by No1 Company. No map can ever prepare you for viewing the ground over which the British volunteers fought and where so many died. It was a truly humbling experience to be there the day after the anniversary of the beginning of the battle for the British Battalion . This was made even more poignant by a remark Jesús made - that the sound of our English voices in the valley was very moving, as this very place would have resounded with English voices some 68 years before.

Memorial Cairn, Jarama

Crossing the saddle from Fry's HMGs towards Suicide Hill

The ridge in the background was No2 (Machine Gun) Company's position

And up Suicide Hill

The Knoll occupied briefly by No1 Rifle Company. 
Taken from Suicide Hill

For those who are interested here's a profile of the battle itself: Jarama Battle


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