Monday, 12 August 2013

Giant Monster Rampage Roster

I was browsing the blogs I follow the other day and came upon The Stronghold Rebuilt's post about an upcoming GMR game. It diverted my attention, not hard, I am a war gamer after all, to my own collection of Kaiju. Monsters which have lain, neglected, in a cardboard box for some time. Sounds familiar don't it? Last night I dug them out and had a bit of a play with them, not a game, just some RAAAWR, RAWWWR, OOOOF - I diiiiiiiiiiie! mess about. I will be putting on a game soon though. Anyways while they were getting some fresh air I persuaded them to line up for some mug shots. Here are the punning awful results:

Humpty Hardboiled
Following the collapse of  his building business he turned to a life of city destruction
Weight: 42,000 tons
Natural Attacks: Crush, Roundhouse Punch
Powers: Tenacity, Knockdown, Blast Armour (Hard Boiled), Roll (Egg)
Kingdom: Animal.

Oriental Hardcase & Urban Re-Modeller
Weight: 33,000 tons
Natural Attacks: Claw, Wing Swipe
Powers: Fly, Wing Flap/Force Blast, Artillery, Tenacity 
Kingdom: Animal

Mister I
Road Junction Defender. Identity A Mystery
Weight: 39,000 tons
Natural Attacks: Punch, Kick, Throw
Powers: Skilled, Hurl Object, Tenacity
Kingdom: Animal

Mighty Hydraxia
Dental Horror Show Town Destroyer
Weight: 45,000 tons
Natural Attacks: Bite x 3, Tail Smack, Crush
Powers: Knockdown, Swim, Tenacity
Kingdom: Animal

No Respecter Of Built Up Areas
Weight: 51,000 tons
Natural Attacks: Punch, Kick, Throw
Powers: Icy Breath, Touch Of Death
Kingdom: Deity

Terror Of The Towns
Weight: 45,000 tons
Natural Attacks: Bite, Claw, Tail Smash
Powers: Tenacity, Wing Flap, Knockdown

Puny Humans!

Questosaurus menaces a peaceful town as The Military try to shove a nuke down its throat. 
And save the city by destroying it.
(Note stolen variable height idea)

Most of the figures based and repainted by me. City blocks from the charity shop as were most of the kaiju.

All the best.


  1. What no mech's optimus will be sad...

    1. Patience, always patience. No pics of mechs doesn't mean there are no mechs ;-)

  2. I'm still trying to find some nice mechs compatible in size with my Bandai monsters. I say 'nice' - what I mean is 'cheap' :)

    By the way, it's not Giant Monster Rampage I'm playing this week (although I have played it a fair bit in the past) but Ganesha's 'Mighty Monsters'.

    1. I've got 3 mechs, all from the charity, which I'm going to re-paint so they look a bit more warry ;-)

      Ganesha's Mighty Monsters? Sounds great, I'll look forward to the AAR!

      All the best

  3. By the way, where did you get the Questosaurus figure? Is it a Sauron figure?

  4. Now you mention it The Liche King would look rather good on its back. But the figure is from a Jonny Quest play set: