Thursday, 1 January 2015

Another Survivor From Hamunaptra

Useful fellow this, got a first aid certificate. His name's Manny Gault and he's a rank and file Legionnaire. Originally from Brooklyn USA he joined up while in France during The Great War. Being a practical sort of fellow he thought the FFL would be more convenient than shipping back Stateside, enlisting, training and then shipping back to France.

He was with the supply train during the Battle of Hamunaptra and was helping the column's doctor treat the handful of wounded who had been brought in before the position collapsed. He survived the massacre by hiding under some dead bodies, human and animal. Once the coast was clear he gathered up all the water bottles he could and started walking. After two days he came upon one of the column's baggage camels that was wandering also. Mounting up he headed for Cairo and eventually met up with the other three in Cafe Rizz-Razz in The Cairo Suq. Here they agreed to work together for their own enrichment and track down that blighter O'Connell. They also agreed that henceforth they would be known as The Rogue Legion.

 Manny Gault

 Also Manny Gault



  1. Good back story and excellent figure. Looks like some interesting adventures ahead of them.


    1. Thanks, Jim. I'm hoping they'll be wreaking havoc before too long!

  2. A very interesting fellow. I like his bio and if you can manage a Brooklyn accent in your subsequent posts, I'll give you bonus marks. Looking forward to following his exploits. Best in 2015.