Friday, 2 January 2015


Today I set up and ran a solo game using Kaptain Kobold's rule-set for The Mexican Revolution: 'Struggle Against Everything And Eveybody (SAEAE)'. The figures and buildings are from that wonderful site The Junior General. The board is 2 foot square and gridded one side.

So, what does the title mean? Well, it means: 'Crazy Engine' and it refers to the use of a an explosive packed locomotive, as a guided missile, to drive straight into an enemy position and then be blown up. The game is set during the period of The Revolution after Victoriano Huerta seized power and then allied himself with Pascual Orozco and his Colorados. Los Colorados were double traitors having fought against Madero and then sided with Huerta. Consequently they were seldom, if ever, taken prisoner.

So, the game set up. I decided that given their circumstances Los Colorados would fight to the death and also be considered elite troops; giving them an extra Morale Point. They are defending a major town and rail junction. It is vital they retain control of the town and railway and the surrounding area. There are:

6 Colorado infantry units. All positioned around the town.
2 Colorado HMG units. One HMG is stationed on the hill in front of the town. This commands both the railway and the southern approach.
1 Huertista Artillery unit plus observer. The Huerta troops are sited in the centre of town. They are below average and will collapse after 2 MP are gone.

The Constitutionalistas are from Villa's El Division del Norte, not commanded by The Great Man himself. They consist of three seperate attacking forces:

3 infantry and 1 HMG unit attacking the town from the east.

5 cavalry and 2 vehicle/HMG units attacking from the south.

1 Loco-Loco attacking from the south-east.

 The town, railway and Colorado & Huertista troops

The Battlefield
Apologies for the shaky image

 The vital rail junction

 Villista truck tries to shoot its way past the hill.
Colorado HMG is alert and scores a hit.

Despite heavy machine gun fire from the Colorados on the hill
the Villista cars break through and commence attacking the town.
The Huertista artillery proved unable to land any hits on the vehicles.

The Colorados on the hill had their attention diverted by
some unwelcome visitors. The Villista cavalry was upon them!

The Colorado infantry shoot up
one Villista HMG-car good and proper!

 Meanwhile, over to the east, the Villista infantry begin their attack.

The sound of battle rages around the town: rifle and machine-gun fire interspersed with yelling men, revving engines and booming artillery but over it all is the sound of a whistle......

Updates as they happen!


  1. That looks like it is going to be seriously good fun, looking forward to the updates.

  2. I used to contribute to that site

    1. I drew recolored 18th century files and wrote some scenarios by my name Rod Redden

    2. That's fantastic! I shall look out for them :)

  3. Looks like terrific fun and deliciously old school.

    1. 'Deliciously old school'. Thanks, Michael, I'm going to use that expression myself from now on ;-)