Thursday, 29 January 2015

Builder's Yard 1

An Orwellian tale of botched up buildings using the cheapest materials and the shoddiest workmanship. With cruel overseers and indentured labour in appalling conditions. OK, it was just me.

I used a variety of smallish card boxes, strips of used copier paper and PVA glue to construct the buildings. doors and windows were made from matchsticks and those round-ended flat wood strips. Budgie sand was also used. Any flaps or loose areas on the boxes were sealed down with masking tape. 

Boxes and Tennis Balls

Tennis balls glued down. 
Strips of paper soaked in PVA applied.
Dried out on a radiator.

 Doors and windows in place.
Building painted with PVA glue.
Budgie sand sifted onto the PVA.
I did 2 coats of PVA/sand for a really strong effect.

Building part painted.
I've gone for a Back Film Lot look because this is Pulp.

 Same building fully painted.

 Another building

The Rogue Legion take possession!


PS Does anyone know where 28mm scale Arab-type civilians can be obtained?

PPS A follow-up post will detail the horror of the tennis ball buildings......


  1. Brilliant, they look just the ticket. As for civilians what about these:

  2. Fine scratchbuilding maneuvers, sir. Your buildings are quite nice.

  3. Splendid work. May have to appropriate the tennis ball idea myself, as I have a modest collection of 'em I've picked up in a local park. (There's a rack where you can put extra balls, but once it's full . . . it's either the trash or my trunk, so there you have it.)

    One more civilian suggestion: Eureka minis has some tolerable looking Middle Eastern types and some market stalls and trade goods. I can't review them yet. Only thinking about buying them myself, but they look good and the prices aren't too bad.

    Take a look at the Indian and African sets as well, as those might work equally well in a Middle Eastern setting. Some of them look a little exaggerated to my eye, but good paint would go a long way.

    1. Thank you, The Composer! I found that the tennis balls have a seam line around the circumference; it really helps with the cutting. Also thanks for the Eureka info.

  4. Excellent work Mr Cake-Tin!

    My compliments to your builder. Does the Taxman know he is moonlighting? :-)

    Kind regards, Chris.

  5. Cheers, Chris!

    Of course he does.....this is all part of our on-going social housing programme.....honest, Guv!

  6. Old Glory, Under Chaos in Cairo offer a couple of sets of 28mm civilians, as well as assorted pulp types.

    Blue Moon offer a Pulp Personalities pack of Egyptian Agents, and also their Mummy boxed set with a couple of diggers,

    Bob Murch's Pulp Figures might offer some as well.