Saturday, 31 January 2015

Builder's Yard 2

The second part of this latest adventure in scratch-building involves the tennis balls which were mentioned in Builder's Yard 1. The balls have a circumferential seam which aided cutting them in half a great deal. Once firmly glued to a box they had to be covered in PVA soaked paper strips. This took some thought. Shave the balls or lather them in glue? I chose the latter method and lathered they were.

Once the papier-maché was fully dry I drew on the outlines of doors and windows having decided to abandon the  doors/windows method of BY1. I painted PVA onto the structure and applied just one coat of sand.

The two toys were painted with white emulsion; the windows were painted a dark blue with lighter blue worked in while the dark was still wet. The domes were painted with a watered down green and blue respectively. I left part of the blue dome unpainted to suggest weathering/damage.

I painted the entrances to the market-hall in blacks and greys. I was trying to get a dark to lighter effect - think it kinda worked. I made the doors from plasti-card. When all paint was dry I sploshed watered down brown all over the toys apart from the domes and the windows.

 Market Hall Front

Market Hall Rear

 Posh Building Front

Posh Building Rear

Posh Building Left

Posh Building Right

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  1. Can I offer a solution to the tennis balls (incidentally, I prefer mine lathered and shaved)? If you go to most craft shops you will find various sized polystyrene balls. Smooth, plain white and, I understand, easily cut-able. Just a thought. Google Arts and crafts polystyrene balls.

  2. Nice one, Terry. I'll check that out :)