Sunday, 5 May 2013

In Maginot We Trust Part 1

History tells us this was a misplaced trust and those tricksy PanzerHobbitzes went round the Maginot Line and very nearly won the war. I'm reading 'Pillar of Fire' by Ronald Atkin at the moment. I've only got as far as the Allied advance to the Dyle but am enjoying the first person narratives from veterans. Compared to what came later in WW2 the Battle of France reads like a war from another century and possibly another planet. My interest in the period 1939-1942 is being further stimulated by reading Evelyn Waugh's 'Sword of Honour' and Len Deighton's 'Blitzkrieg'. 

Anyway, not being one to slouch about where toys are concerned here's the latest output from Fabrique National Champfroid de Suttone. It's the beginnings of my version of a Division Légère Mécanique (DLM) which means I'll use what toys I have available; look in my Terms of Reference, it says I can do this.

Thus far we have a Radio Truck, Regiment of Dragones Portes, 2 Battalions of FT-17 Tanks, POL & LOG columns. Most of the vehicles are from the cheap Lledo stall in Birmingham's Rag Market. The motorised infantry ride in a converted brewery truck. The POL column was a frying oil delivery bowser. The FT-17s are from Armourfast.

Radio Truck

LOG & POL Columns

Le División 
(quite well equipped going by some of the horror stories I'm reading)

Les Dragons Portes

Brigade des Chars de Combates

Au revoir!


  1. They look excellent and win a place on the "spirit of NQM" page ( )

    Kind regards, Chris

    1. Hi Chris, thank you for saying so and also thank you for following me!

      All the best

      PS Hopefully get to meet you at the upcoming MB game.