Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 - A Review

The year started off promisingly enough, kinda tailed off a lot and then re-ignited at the end. Which was nice.

Ten posts. Two about a Mexican Revolution game and the rest were Pulps: figures and buildings.

Five posts. One post about my birthday the balance about Pulps.

Five posts. A book review; a trip to a wargames show; three Pulps including an actual game!

Nine posts. A trip to Salute; Pulps including The Lighthouse of Horror & new blog members.

May - November
Pretty much this:

To be fair I did do some painting, modelling and wargaming during this period but the CBA was strong in me.

The return of The Mojo!

Six posts (including this one). Two about Iraqi forces in 1941; a book 'review' and two Pulps.

I'm glad I came back, the welcome has been 100% positive. Also flattered that my 81 followers stayed loyal during the hiatus plus views of the blog continued to go up despite lack of new content.



  1. You do good work. Glad to see you back. Wish I wrote half as much as you.