Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Sisters Before Misters (The Old Instonians) #3

Bit of a Pulp offering today. I'm really pleased I got these toys finished at all given the complete loss of wargamey mojo for most of 2015. Anyways they're done!

What we have here is The Old Instonians (St. Wilfreda's Institute For Girls) or, their preferred moniker, Sisters Before Misters. A sort of Pulp-era incarnation of Charlie's Angels without Charlie and much, much harder. Nails in fact. They don't hate men, they rather like them, they just don't need them to get things done.

I covered two of the SBM in an earlier post but now we see the whole gang assembled. Twice! I've gone down the route of producing two figures for each character. One is in normalish clothing that could be used about town. The second is in outdoors-adventuring kit.

The SBM comprises:
1. Blaze O'Halloran - Archaeologist & Adventurer
2. Phyl Martindel - Geologist & Adventurer
3. 'Red' Mary Quintile - Doctor & Adventurer
4. Wanda 'Wheels-Up' Williams - Pilot & Adventurer
5. 'Dead-Eye-Des' Desdemona Desmond - Scientist & Adventurer

The photos might make this a bit clearer.

 SBM assembled in the Oriental-style town house of 'Wheels-Up'
Shanghai, New York, London? Who knows? ;-)
LtoR: Dead-Eye-Des, Red Mary, Wheels-Up, Blaze, Phyl

 SBM doing the adventure thing in Oasis el-Khazi
LtoR: Wheels-Up, Blaze, Phyl, Red Mary, Dead Eye Des.
 Wheels Up in flight mode & sophisti-chic

Red Mary about town & about adventuring

Dead Eye Des deadly in town or in the field

Happy New Year!


  1. Superb! What a fearsome looking bunch of ladies.

    1. Thank you, Michael! I certainly would not want to get on the wrong side of them!

  2. Oh, that's a nice crew you have there. Will they be wandering down a Pulp Alley? Or do they perhaps have different terrain in mind? Very very nice.

    1. Thank you for the compliment, TC :-) They'll certainly be adventuring on sinister streets.....

  3. I'm sure they like the left turns, but that wasn't quite what I meant. I may have been too oblique . . .

    Do you have a game in mind for them? I've been using one called Pulp Alley, for which they look ready made. There's a few others out there that might also work well, but I'm not familiar with them, so I was kind of curious what you were using. Thought I might learn something.

    Anyway, you're welcome. They'll make a great group of civic-minded problem solvers.

    1. Ha! Yes I understood you :-) I know of PA and one or two other sets. None of which I've played, I do enjoy Pulp Girl's AARs on TMP though.

      The set I use is a free one by Richard Lloyd which was published in WSS magazine a while ago. The set is fast play, uses D6s and fits on a post card.

      I'll see if I can find the link but if you take a look at 'Safari of Death' on this blog there may be a lead there.

      Let me know what you think of them?

  4. That's a really swell bunch of ladies you got there!

    Btw..Frankie "Spatz" Falconi wants to know "If any of 'dem are singles and available for 'dis Friday night."....

    1. Thank you, Michael!

      Tell Spatz that the restraining order is still in force ;-)