Wednesday, 1 January 2014

HotT Army Showcase #4 The Army of The Mouse King

Happy New Year, chumrades all! I intend to make 2014 as brilliant a year as I possibly can. I wish you all the best in your plans for the coming twelve months too.

So, I finally got around to completing my first matched pair with The Army of The Mouse King. Once I bit the bullet it was a reasonably straightforward build. I recruited all of the figures from Irregular Miniatures fantasy ranges. The bulk of the troops are from their 15mm Fantasy range, FRAT 1, which comes in a number of variants of 'sword armed rat'. Or 'sword armed mouse' in my case. The king is a larger rat as befits his behemoth status. The figures clean up nicely, minimal flash, and painted up fast. Prime, black undercoat and a dry-brush of grey; flesh colour on paws, ears and tail; oily steel for the weapons; red eyes (ALL fantasy rodents have to have red eyes by law); drab/leather look for the few helmets and cloaks.

The General is accompanied by a couple of bodyguards and has an image of Saint Norvegicus of the Cheese as his banner. It's not a magical banner, there's no points for it to be so, but every general deserves a flag to fight under.

The stronghold is completely scratchbuilt from bits of balsa. The door's hinges are plastic card as are the door-knocker and key hole.It's based on a wood-effect vinyl flooring tile. I painted it mostly in that eau-de-nil/distemper colour so beloved of Victorian interior decorators. Well, that's my guess; seems legit, eh?

The army comprises:

1 x Behemoth General

10 x Mice Warband

1 x Stronghold

The pictures:

The Army drawn up in review order before The Stronghold

The Mouse King 

The Stronghold
A mouse hole in a skirting board, barred by a door and a warning sign. 
Plate of nice cheese for Saint Norvegicus.

I have labelled all my HotTs with labels to identify the element by troop type and by name. 

I made the labels in Word, font: Viner Hand ITC / 8 in autofit cells of a table. They fit quite nicely on the base sizes I use - 60mm frontage x ?mm depth.


  1. A interesting bit of work James. All the best for the New Year mate.

    1. Cheers, Paul, I hope 2014 is a great year for you and yours.