Tuesday, 14 January 2014

HotT Battle Report Part 1: The Nutcracker v The Mouse King

I think everyone's been waiting for this matched pair to get to grips. Well, the wait's over, and here's the AAR for this particular slug-fest. The two armies are mostly infantry of various types with neither having any magickal or clerickal assistance. The Nutcracker does have Artillery and Sneaker troops. The Mouse King on the other hand is Warband heavy, plus a Behemoth general, and despite being the defender his best bet is to CHAAAAARGE!

I used Kaptain Kobold's random terrain generator again and it produced a 5 and 6 which is always fun, even more so if I wasn't playing solo! I ended up with a two tier hill, a BUA, two woods and some farmland.

The Empty Battlefield

Attacker (5) Defender (1)

The attacking general then diced for his side of approach and scored 3:

Armies Arrayed

The Nutcracker (NC) has all his shooting elements on the left near the hill. The Hero General and Spears in the centre and his deadly Blades and Sneaker on the right flank.

The Mouse King (MK) has his army in three battlegroups and, as the defender, took first bound. MK scored 5 PIP and got all his battlegroups moving forward. NC scored 2 PIP and shifted his Shooters and Himself, as a  group, onto the hill. The second PIP went to the Sneaker.

Positions at end of Move 1



  1. Are there rules for random furry four legged interventions... catzilla...

    1. Last I heard they were hitting the cat-nip pipes pretty hard.

  2. Did you dice for Attacker/Defender after you set up the terrain? I'm confused :)

    1. Don't be confused! I had already diced for Attacker / Defender but forgot to mention it. It's playing solo you see ;-)