Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Project M13/40 #1

Desert Air Force reconnaissance photo reveals Italian engineers assembling at least two M13/40 tanks deep inside Libya. Also in shot is the photo aircraft's escorting Hurricane.

Photo No. DAF/006/10/40

Hurri close up using rare colour film

There are two toy tanks in the box which I bought for £9.50. So that's £4.75 per toy, not bad. The kits are of the fast-build type and look like they'll got together with minimal fuss. One disappointment is that the turret hatch is moulded as part of the turret so getting it open would be very difficult. This is a shame, it would have been nice to have a leather-clad tank commander on view. 

The box art includes a couple of colour schemes, which is just as well given this B/W document:

Waste of print.