Wednesday, 15 January 2014

HotT Battle Report Part 2: The Nutcracker v The Mouse King

Drama piled upon crisis! 

 The two opposing forces continued to trundle into contact. D6 throws for PIP were reasonable on both sides so no excuses for tardiness.
Troop Positions end of M2

Move 3 saw NC & MK forces in contact with a wild charge 
by the left flank Warbands assaulting the NC Sneaker.

MK Warbands prove no match for Girl with Flower - Recoil!

In range of NC Artillery were the right flank MK Warbands.
The Artillery fired. And missed to much rodentian scorn.

Beware! For The Nutcracker is upon thee!
Mouse laughter was cut short as one of the central Warbands 
was reduced to cat-meat by the NC Hero General.
The NC Shooters, despite appearances, were unable to assist.
2-0 to NC

To add insult to injury the NC Sneaker once 
more duffed up the opposing MK Warband.
Ending Move 4.

Move 5. The drama of the battle.
The generals meet with NC Hero General outflanked.
Supporting NC Shooters powerless at this moment.

A DRAW!!!!

Battlefield Move 5 - The battle's drama evolves into a crisis 
as Nutcracker troops use their 1 PIP to manouevre 
those Shooters onto the Warband's flank.
They turn to face and thus a confused, swirling and 
deadly melée is created in the centre of the battlefield.

Nice view across the battlefield. Turn 5 or 6?

But before that the NC Artillery fires again.
And scores a recoil result upon the advancing Warband.

Mouse success! Shooters recoil.
Warband follows up a base depth.

More mouse success! 
Sneaker forced to FLEE 600p; narrowly avoiding edge-disaster.
Mouse Warband follows up a base depth.

Clash of the Generals pt2.
NC comes off second best to MK.
Recoils and the Behemoth General follows up.

The impetuosity of the MK Warband costs them dear
as they go down in a hail of NC Shooter bullets.
4-0 to NC.

Clash of the Generals pt3
9 plays 7. A recoil then?
Normally yes but Heroes count as Mounted even when on Foot.
Behemoth: Destroyed by Mounted in contact.
8-0 to NC

Oh dear, poor Mousey.

As their Behemoth regent crashed to the ground the remaining MK troops fled the field; swearing revenge by all the cheeses!

A good game where The Mouse King's army was hampered by a run of poor die rolls which reduced its ability to move its units. That said all of the fatal damage was done by just two elements of The Nutcracker's army. Also having to defend with an army that is geared for attack was not in the best interests of The Mouse King. I look forward to the return fixture!

All the best!


  1. Interesting looking forces there mate

    1. Cheers, Al! You should give HotT a spin, I think you'd enjoy it.

  2. Ermm, why were elements which were not a general recoiling from the NK Sneaker?

    1. Good point! It's the problem of playing solo and re-learning the rules. I've found the correct method now, P23/Combat Outcomes/Final Bullet. Expect improvement! :-)