Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 - End Of Year Review

I have seen this done better on other chumrades' blogs but felt my own contribution would be an amusing diversion. Take the most popular post from each month of 2013 and publish a pic and a short write-up. At least I don't have a hangover and am looking at 2014 as a great big adventure.


The most popular post of this month was one on the Red Army for Megablitz. My first attempt at building such a unit, but not the last.


The Birmingrad Motor Repair Facility Number 1 starred this month. A post about reclaiming toy trucks from the scrapyard for use by the Glorious Red Army in Megablitz.


The Soviet run of wins was broken this month by two detectives from the Toy Town Police Force. I still haven't played a game of Geezers-Shuttit! despite having all the bits to do so. Think I'll sort this out in '14.


Soviets reclaim the top spot with this post and, to be honest, this post and the work associated with it is a personal favourite of mine. Much guns. Such boom. Wow!


The most popular post (MPP) for May was another Megablitz offering. This serious assemblage of hardware. Finishing it nearly put me off for good as did some of the comments on TMP. The good news is I rode out the storm, with some helpful advice, and all was well.


Tarbooshia! Tarbooshia!! TARBOOSHIA!!! Everyone loves camels. Right? Well in June '14 they certainly did.


A wargame, an actual wargame was MPP for July. Set in The Mexican Revolution and played solo with Struggle Against Everybody And Everything, I remember it being really good fun. Must do it again soon!


More Megablitz related fun this month with the MPP being about this splendid little anti-tank gun!


Megablitz again! Anyone would think I was being paid a retainer......So, September's MPP is one about the 7th Armoured Division in its Western Desert Force incarnation. Again the models were great fun to build and paint and I am justifiably proud of the results.


I didn't post a single thing in October.


Back on track for this month. The MPP here was, by some distance, my take on The Western Desert Force


The second of the two games that made MPP this year. First time I've played Hordes of the Things in ages but despite making some daft errors with troop placements and the rules it was an immensely enjoyable game. It hung in the balance right to the end despite the absolute hoofing The Peasants' Revolt chaps had received. More please in 2014!

Conclusions: carry on painting and building but PLAY MORE GAMES!

Thanks for reading and all the best to you and yours for 2014 and the future.


  1. Great review James. I am still jealous of the 2 pounder!

    1. Thanks, Paul, would you like me to send you a couple?

    2. Cool post mate, look forward to more from you

    3. Thanks, Al! I've got some irons in the fire, stay tuned!