Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Desert Briefing

Here's some desert terrain I've knocked up over the last day or two. The palm trees I bought at Salute last year so they've been incorporated pretty rapidly. The statue is a charity shop find. I based them all on coasters and based same with a mix of paint, sand and grit. The statue was canted at an angle using card off-cuts and then the sand was built up in layers. Painted with a dark ochre green and then dry brushed for high lights. The well is scratch-built with small pebbles from the garden path.Again painted a darkish brown and dry brushed to death.

You can see part of my collection of books on the Spanish Civil War in the background.

Dr. Jim Trueman & Ripcord O'Reilly
in earnest discussion.

A Desert Well
Entrance To Underground Caverns?

Statue Sunk Into The Sand
Something More Sinister?

Trueman & O'Reilly

Dr. Jim Trueman
Head of Paleontology, and with more than a passing interest in Archaeology, at Axtell College. He has led a large number of successful expeditions. Successful meaning that no more than 10% of the expedition staff died. He is noted amongst the undergraduates as an educator who always grades papers and provides appropriate feedback.

He spent some time in the US Marines but it is not certain what his nationality actually is. His service in the Marines means he is handy with most firearms including all small arms, machine guns, grenades and demolition. He favours an ivory-handled { ;-) } pistol and, a large knife.He is also handy with his fists should wrong-doers require percussion adjustment of their attitude.

He can speak a number of languages and is comfortable in all social situations. He puts this down to being able to tie a bow-tie without assistance.

Ripcord O'Reilly
Is a pilot par excellence. There's nothing with wings he can't get into the air. His landings, however, can be a little interesting hence his nickname. He has served in numerous wars and revolutions but has decided lately that passenger and freight services will not only make him rich but also allow him to enjoy his gains by simply surviving.

He is also good with a gun and his fists. And knows he looks good in his leather flying gear.

Updates as they happen!


  1. Pearl-handled pistol. Didn't Patton say something about only pimps in New Orleans bordellos carried pearl-handled pistols. If he is a Marine, then the grips gotta be ivory.

    Great looking terrain and figures.


    1. Too kind, Jim :)

      Also, given my undying respect for USMC, please note the amended text :)

  2. Now they certainly add a bit of quality to the scene - cracking job Sir.

  3. "He has led a large number of successful expeditions. Successful meaning that no more than 10% of the expedition staff died."
    In other words, you have to really WANT to be a second or third author on one of his academic publications. Or you have to really want tenure. The scenery looks fantastic ... the statue at an angle has a definite "Ozymandius" vibe from the poem. Well done!

    1. I hadn't really looked into that deeply, Michael....but now you mention it ;-)

      Thank you for the compliments too :-)

      All the best!

  4. Cracker work James. Very impressed.