Friday, 17 October 2014

Everything You Wanted To Know About Stringing Bows But Were Afraid To Ask

I am indebted to Paul of Paul's Bods for this idea. I'm not going to write out the method though; you can read the how-to-do-it right here.

What I will say is that you must do the stringing in a calm and quiet environment. Also expect to make mistakes but do not worry, practice makes, if not perfect, then certainly presentable. Plus you'll be super chuffed with how your archer types look once you've finished.

You can see some of my feeble attempts here , here and here

Finally a picture of my bow-stringing kit:

 High End Tech



  1. I've always been in awe of Paul's bowstrings (not an expression I ever thought I would write down!).

    1. Me too, how he gets them soooooo tight is incredible!