Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Tribesmen of The Amazon

As you may have noticed I've been building up a collection of vaguely South American type scenery of late. Strange plants, stranger statues etc. Well, it's time for some human involvement in the shape of these Copplestone 'Amazon Indians' (C41 High Adventure) figures.

They're not wearing much in the way of clothing; some sort of cloth cod-piece is about it.It was the skin tone I was concerned about. In the end I went with a mix of Vallejo 'Mahogany Brown' & 'Buff'. I experimented by adding small amounts of the lighter colour to the darker until I had what looked about right to me. I used watered down GW Brown Ink in crevices to try and bring out the muscle definition without going full-on Arnie. Black hair high-lighted a bit with a light gray.

The figures are all armed with bows. Two figures have clearly just loosed shots, one is getting an arrow ready and two are ready to shoot. None of the figures was strung so I used a simple technique, which I'll cover in a later post, to provide bow-strings. The arrows are simply cut down dress-maker's pins.

I then based them all in the usual manner with the addition of some grassy tufts.



Updates as they happen!


  1. A step closer to Apocalypto .....

    1. I know, Jim, I just hope Mr Gibson doesn't start following this blog........