Friday, 5 October 2012

HotT Army Showcase #3: The Peasants' Revolt 1381

The Peasants' Revolt 1381 was an extremely bloody uprising in England against THE POLL TAX. Richard II needed extra tax revenues to finance operations in France for a war that was going very badly for England.

The peasants, in reality those involved came from all walks of life, had already been taxed until they squeaked. This tax-time they decided that no really did mean no. I decided to concentrate on the Kent & Essex rebels. There were uprisings all over England but because they took London and did all the negotiating with the king they were the logical choice.

Commanded with skill by Wat Tyler & Jack Straw. With a political philosophy provided by John Ball: 'When Adam Delved and Eve Span Who Then Was the gentleman?' . They were clearly not just your run-of-the-mill yokels but men with purpose and organisation.

The rebels referred to themselves as 'The True Commons of England' who wanted to keep the king but slaughter his malignant advisers; have one bishop for the whole country and fairer working conditions and better wages for all. Their greatest mistake was to not seize the king when they had the chance(s).

Taking all that into consideration I decided to create a HotT army based around the revolt and also to include in the army some mythical elements to give it the proper fantasy feel.

As usual the amount of points available exceeds 24 so choices will need to be made for each battle. I also had to relegate Saint Michael to Flyer rather than Aerial Hero so as not to exceed the 3, 4 & 6 point rule.

The Army of The Peasants' Revolt 1381 
for Hordes of the Things

Wat Tyler & Jack Straw: A Hero General

John Ball: A Cleric

Piers Ploughman: A Lurker

Saint George: A Paladin

Saint Michael: A Flyer

The Shooters: Accurate

The Hordes: Ferocious Peasantry

Miserable Cottage: A Stronghold

The Army: With Extra Ghostly Bits

I have yet to put this army to the test but I think it will be a tough one to beat. It has numbers, magical defence and some real heavy hitters. Well, that's what I think!

Figures are a mix of Airfix's 'Robin Hood' , Zvezda's 'Medieval Peasant Army'. There are a number of head, arm & body swaps in the ranks. See if you can spot them! 

The two saints are 28mm metal figures from some range or other. I picked up the stronghold and bullock in a charity shop. 

Saint George's flag came courtesy of Grimsby Wargames Society who provide free flags for personal use. A big thank you to them.

As always comments and feedback are most welcome.

All the best!

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