Monday, 29 October 2012

Birmingham Toy Soldier Fair 28/10/12

A really super day at Birmingham's Toy Soldier Fair! I scored loads of cheap 54mm figures: Crescent Mexicans, Britain's Saracens and stuff from other makers, all for pennies. The rummage bins are virtual gold mines of figures; my fingers are satisfyingly sore from all the rooting I did! I also got 3 artillery limbers, 3 guns and loads of artillery crew for £10. I also got a bag of ACW artillery crew from Steve Weston. The bands have also gotten new recruits from the piles of Kellog's bandsmen in one rummage bin. Soon the armies of Anahuaco & Tarbooshia will be taking on their new recruits for the coming battles!

A lot of the figures are a bit beat-up but that's ok because most of them will be either converted or galvanised. I had a nice chat with John Curry and bought a copy of Don Featherstone's 'Skirmish Wargaming' from him. I also met Mike Blake of The Skirmish Wargames Group and had a fascinating conversation with trader John Begg. On the way to the event I bought some fresh baklava from the Pars Supermarket on Hagley Road. I had it with coffee and it was double delish!

Part of the haul!


I'll be blogging a bit more regularly from now on too. Real life rather got in the way the last two weeks but I've been painting and making and getting used to my new digi-cam. More later!

Hello to new follower TradGardMastare who runs an awful lot of very interesting blogs. Don't know where he finds the time!

All the best!


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all and a veritable haul of trophies taken, wish I could have been there!

  2. Cheers, Brian, you missed a good show. Everyone seemed happy: traders, collectors and wargamers.