Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Steam Power!

HSH The Grand Tarboosh is a great innovator and moderniser. He believes in Progress and Progress means STEAM! The Tarbooshian Army follows where HSH leads and has recently acquired armoured steam powered landships with which to equip its Glorious Artillery. HSH employed a notable artist to design a protective colour scheme for the landship and its attendant trailer. She came up with a four colour scheme which is guaranteed to fox the Anahuacans' own artillery spotters.

The Tarbooshian News Agency released these photographs of the first landship to much popular acclaim and cries of 'Foul!', 'Underhand!' & 'Barbaric!' from the sleazy rags beloved of Tarbooshia's poltroonish detractors. To them we say simply: 'Surrender. Or else.'

HSHLS Kahraman

Massive Carrying Capacity


The landship started life as a child's wooden toy which I picked up for 50p in a charity shop. I removed one of the two funnels and sanded the deck flat. I added a towing hook/eye from a picture hanging kit. After that I added a number of doors, hatches and viewing ports from plastic card. The stanchions around the deck are cocktail sticks. I split the top of each stick very carefully with a craft knife. The safety rope is linen thread pushed into the splits and then glued.The rope is secured at the front by cut down dress maker pins which when then gently hammered into pre-drilled holes. The colour scheme is based heavily on camouflage schemes of The Great War - Camouflage and Four Colour Theorem. The trailer was once a pink doll's pram; bought with some tittering from the charity shop staff. Little did they know of my plans for the pram neither did I make up some story about buying it for a child. No! It's for Garden Wargames in the 54mm style!

One thing that did leap out was that the four colours on their own looked a bit rubbish until I put the black outlining between them. It was then that the scheme 'came alive' if that makes sense.

Hopefully I'll have more pictures of the other landships in HSH's service but until then......

.....All the best!


  1. An infernal machine! Disgraceful behaviour sir! I do like the paintwork though....

  2. Infernal.....good name for a landship! Cheers, Tim ;-)