Saturday, 6 October 2012

Last Anahuacans for a while.......

These photos are of the last Anahuacans I've got round to painting. There will be more once I've got through the Tarbooshian backlog.

What we have here is the HQ & artillery 1st Infantry Brigade. Also pictured are two regiments from 1st Cavalry Brigade of Eternal Anahuaco's Army Lime Green of The North. All for FLW in 54mm.

Brigadier & ADC

HQ Bodyguards

1st Artillery Regiment

Las Verdaduras - 1st Cavalry Brigade

Los Novios De La Muerte - 1st Cavalry Brigade

All figures painted by me. 54mm toy soldiers by Airfix, Army Men, Britains, Crescent & Steve Weston. Guns by Crescent. Flags by TVAG.


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