Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tonight's Swing Dance...... in Quorn, Leicestershire. The village hall to be exact. I went to the Hawaiian themed dance in July but that was before TDCT and does not concern us here. Unusually the sun is shining on Birmingham for the weekend and the forecast is similar for Quorn. This was also the case in July. Synchronicity? Dunno but I'm looking forward to the dancing tonight. All those ladies in their 1940s frocks! I'm undecided whether to go formal or informal. This basically means tie or no tie......gaaaah, the agony of choice!

I'll try and get some pictures of my dancing chums and chumettes but will probably forget. Apologies in  advance.

Big hellos to new follower Nigel H. His 28mm figures are a joy, go and see. You won't be disappointed!


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