Monday, 17 June 2013

Father's Day Newsflash.

Yesterday was Fathers' Day in UK. As an institution I think it is all lot of cynical nonsense and more about marketing than Fathers per se. But then I am a grumpy old sod at times ;-) Despite that I enjoyed yesterday very much; I got to see my two beautiful daughters who are both hilariously funny, extremely intelligent and great conversationalists. They brought me cakes and a bamboo plant. This made me very happy, The dinner I'd made, which they weren't expecting, made us all very happy. I'd call that a Big Win!

Checked for Jap snipers. 
Also Issi Noho is delighted!

Bum shaped Orange cake & white choc/raspberry muffins
On a vintage WI plate?
Don't mind if I do.



  1. Lucky sod! Better than hankies!

  2. I'm cynical about Father's Day too, until I don't get anything :)

    I forgot about it this year, but in Australia we have it in September, so the UK/US one tends to only hit my radar after the event. My dad will have to wait a couple of months.