Saturday, 8 June 2013

In Maginot We Trust Part 3

I've been very slow lately on the painting & modelling front. This is due to doing a lot of vegetable growing, preparing beds & planting out. I've also constructed a flower garden in tubs and pots for my flat roof: most pleasant to sit out there with a G&T now that The Sun has got his hat on. Even the cat has started speaking to me again.

I've also been doing a lot of swing-dancing. Last weekend has left a very healthy impression upon me in that I worked a lot, learnt a lot & improved a lot. So much so my Wednesday night teachers, who were unable to attend JATW, commented on how much my dancing had changed since they last saw me: i.e. in just seven days! Swing-dancing remains the best fun ever.

Today I have finished the two R-35 (S-Models) tank battalions of le DLM. They'll form the 'Heavies' of the DLM whilst the FT-17s will be the 'Lights'. Next will be the HQ, staff, divisional artillery, A/T & AA. All of which will still be happening in slow time. TBH I can feel the pull of FLW again; I'm  not at all surprised; I did say my wargaming interests go in cycles. So, the Matilda II will be built and painted at the same time as my Big Bag of 54mm Bits gets taken out and rooted through.

Here's some pictures of the R-35 toys in their uncaptured livery:

On A Road....


.......In France.



  1. They're great models, you've done a good job on them too

    1. Cheers Al! I'm pleased with the way they've turned out. I thought they looked a bit Polish but the French roundels sorted that out ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers, Paul. Maker is S-Models of Japan. Plastic Soldier Company sell the range. At around £9 for two models they're good value.