Saturday, 15 June 2013

In Maginot We Trust Part 4

Today's offering is a couple of cars I picked up last weekend plus a reminder of how le DLM is looking. I got the cars at a flea market which is held in Birmingham's Custard Factory every three months. It was nice day out and also the last sunny day until today.

The first car was a black and silver Rolls Royce. It's nice and big as befits the commander of a French armoured division. Rubbed down, washed and painted. Weathered and based as per normal.

The second car started as a strangely coloured Model T. Same production process as the RR. This time I added a couple of figures because this car belongs to the CO of a French infantry division. He is accompanied by that cutting edge of communications technology: a bugler.

Château Generalship goes mobile

A vos ordres, mon General!

La Division jusqu'à  présent.



  1. Again my blogger will not update your posts James. I have removed it from my list, then re-added it.

    Lets see how that goes!

    Nice looking outfit!

    1. I've been getting that with a couple of blogs on my own list, Paul. Al's for example. I'll try what you have done and see if it fixes the problem.

      Thanks for saying so. It will get bigger as cashflow improves; heck I might even start painting them in the same green!