Friday, 14 June 2013

Making Matilda Mobile

Following her stunning victory in the recent election Infantry Tank MkII Matilda has gone into production at the ToyTown Motors Factory. The box contains a straight-forward booklet. A nice touch is the full colour schemes for either The Western Desert or Australian versions. The tank bits come in a sealed plastic bag. It contains four sprues of tank parts with only minimal flash. The instruction sheet is well detailed with no surprises. Flash was minimal. This toy is destined to be an armoured battalion (infantry support) for the BEF rather than the desert, New Guinea or Soviet Russia.

Box Art & Kit Bits

Turret and LH running gear being assembled

Running gear, side-walls and upper hull

Tracks being glued and clamped into place

Assembled and ready for paint

Raw paint job

Paint job tidied up

Based and weathered



  1. Awesome! One of my all time favourites. My three are all painted for early stuff too

    1. Cheers, Al, it will hopefully be demolishing Doorknockers before too long ;-)

  2. It's a winner James! Nice colour too.

    1. You should see Matilda's list of Bills for her first term of office, mate.

      Colour is a mix of Vallejo Medium Olive & Vallejo Olive Drab. Dunno if it's Army Bronze Green but it looks ok to me. Nice one!