Friday, 21 June 2013

Pack Of Camels Please

The expeditionary forces of Tarbooshia spread the doctrine of HSH The Grand Tarboosh in a friendly and non-colonial way. Vital to this delivery of The Good News is an efficient and capable supply train. Anahuacan saboteurs, being fools, often derail their own trains; the far-sighted and clear-thinking HSH has seen fit to provide His Army with a fool-proof method of supply delivery: the noble camel.

Seen here are three stalwarts of The Tarbooshian Food, Water & Bullets Delivery Camel Corps. Catchy, no? HSH came up with the title himself at a Grand Council of Tarbooshia meeting: corps name passed by unanimous vote.

As you can see the troops sport the very finest uniforms that Tarbooshia's military tailors can provide. So much smarter than those appalling Anahuacan vagrants.The camels can carry a variety of loads with ease over ground that would defeat all ordinary vehicles; apart from Tarbooshian vehicles of course! They are seen here with sundry packs containing the finest preserved produce the glorious farmers of Tarbooshia can provide. An army marches on its feet and Our Superlative Squadrons are no exception. Nothing but the best for the boys in the fez!

Early morning parade in Anahuaco

Saddled and packed the Corps' camels are ready to move

Forming line of march with Tarbooshian precision.

To The Front!

The toys are ex-ACW artillery men. Two are from an unknown maker; the huge guy is a toy from Steve Weston. The camels are from Britains zoo animals range. The packs are from a cheap bag of bits I picked up. I think they were originally meant for an 8th Army tank but have been re-imagined into Tarbooshian supplies. The camel blankets and harness straps are made from brown paper liberally plastered with paint-dyed white glue. I've painted them all up in a toy soldier style but I did do some highlighting on the camels' fur. Several coats of gloss varnish has made them disaster proof. I know that because I dropped them onto stone flags en-route to the photo-shoot. They survived with not a mark on them. Proving, once again, that Tarbooshian toys are NAILS.