Sunday, 13 July 2014

Even More Boat

Work on HSH Ship (Name To Be Decided) is progressing. I have added a funnel cut from a piece of flexible pipe and also scratch-built a deck gun from odds and ends. I then sprayed the whole thing with Plastikote matt black.

Some pictures and descriptions:

The funnel was mounted on a piece of balsa wood which had previously been glued to the aft end of the boat. There was a spider living in the pipe who objected vigourously to being evicted. It's ok, I got the blighter out and it ran off in a huff.

Close-up of the deck gun. It's made from plastic tube both round and square. The recoil mechanism is a cut down kitchen skewer. The gun mounting is the top of a Vallejo paint bottle. The rotation handle is a road wheel off a 1/72 PzIII. On the other side the breech opening mechanism is steering wheel from a 1/72 Opel Blitz truck. Other breech parts from plastic card. The gun has a pin fitted to its underside and this slots into a hole in the gun mounting to allow rotation of the weapon. I might still glue it fast though.

Plastikote conceals a multitude of sins.

More when it happens!

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