Monday, 7 July 2014


Here, for your viewing delight, is the missing Warband from this army. They're the City of London Militia. I went with a mix of weapons and armour to reflect their Warband, ie non-regular, nature.

So, we have an archer, an armoured gentleman with a halberd and mace wielding tradesman with a shield. Their colours reflect those of London - a Saint George flag with a sword in the corner nearest the staff. probably top left. Thus the archer wears a jacket in London colours beneath his padded armour thingy. While the gentleman has a surcoat in the colours of London over his armour. The tradesman's shield is also in the appropriate colours. He also sports a London jacket under his brigandine. All figures were undercoated in Plastikote; primed in Vallejo white and then painted & highlighted etc in a variety of Vallejo colours.

The tradesman is a conversion of one of the re-loading crossbowmen that come in the Italeri set 'Medieval Tournament'. I sliced the right arm off one figure and the left off another. Because these figures are of a hard plastic they take Revell Contacta glue really well. No need for pins.

If you look closely you will notice the archer hasn't strung his bow. This is because in the panic of being called out and assembled it hasn't occurred to him yet to do this vital task. And it is not because I forgot to do it myself. Fact.

The amount of product mentions in this, and other, post(s), I should be getting paid a retainer!

All the best!