Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A Stronghold For Richard II

Thank you to all those chumrades who responded to my appeal for help in locating a suitable stronghold for The Army of Richard. They were all tempting but, during a cupboard search I came across a resin model of a church I'd bought at a charity shop some time ago.

It was used in the game I played against General Charles last week. I decided that since I already had a nice model it would be silly to lay out more cash on anything else. So I didn't. Instead I based the church on some nice thick card. I'd pre-painted the base with a Vallejo green and did the same with the model's base once he glue had set. I then mixed the same green with some PVA glue and applied it to exposed surfaces around the perimeter of the base. I worked in stages applying the green-yellow flock mixture as I went. As a final touch I drilled a hole in the base and inserted the tree with a blob of the green-PVA glue. Makes it look chic.

Once all of that was dry I touched up the damaged areas of the roof with mix of Vallejo grey and ivory paint. It was well watered down and more or less matched the original shade. I did the same with the damaged areas of stonework. These were fairly minor jobs but needed doing. Once all of that had dried I put a very watered down Vallejo sand colour over the stonework to create some shaded areas. I then used Vallejo buff to dry brush the roof and walls and doors to pick out the highlights. Looks alright, nothing special. I left it to dry overnight and this morning gave the toy a good coating of Wilkos gloss spray varnish. I know gloss isn't to everyone's taste. I like it because it's strong and reminds me that these are toys. 

Here's a couple of photos of the finished model -