Thursday, 31 July 2014

Tarbooshian Recruits

As you will all remember the gallant infantry of HSHTGT have been operating at below par numbers since the campaign against Anahuaco began. When I say "operating at below par numbers since the campaign against Anahuaco began" what I mean is sitting in boxes on a shelf. But hey, the first sentence is, as you may agree, more dramatic. Anyway I have painted up eight new infantry recruits to bring 1st Infantry and 2nd Infantry up to the required FLW of 20 figures per battalion.

Below is a captioned step by step photologue(??) of what I did do:

Washed, dried and base-coated with matt black Plastikote

Undercoated with Vallejo matt white

Hats, jackets, facings and trousers done
1st Inf Bn on the left 
2nd Inf Bn on the right

Complete apart from basing and varnishing

As above apart from their leggings

Based and painted in the toy soldier style

Gloss varnished and ready for posting to their battalion boxes


PS A warm welcome to new blog followers Paul J and Sun of York. Hello and thanks for following!


  1. You make it look so easy! Great job Sir.

    1. Getting their eyes right is a NIGHTMARE let me tell you.

  2. Thanks for the welcome !


    1. No worries! Do you run a blog too? If so let me know and I'll give that a plug too!