Thursday, 10 July 2014

More Boat

Much activity to report from the Navy Construction Yard. The holes in the deck have been covered. A door and viewing ports fitted to the wheelhouse.

Starboard side view. New deck planking fitted forward and aft of the wheelhouse. New hatch fitted to side of wheelhouse. The planking is plastic card which was scored to match the lines on the original deck. The door is also plastic card including hinges and door handle. The port hole is a steel washer. If you look closely you can see one of the port hole closures on the deck.

Close up of wheelhouse hatch. All closures present and correct. 
I used lots of glue too!
Reminds me of a washing machine.

Port side view. Showing forward decking repair and viewing port on the front of the wheelhouse.

Port aft view of repaired decking.

I have decided that the funnel will go at the stern of the vessel where the white dot is. That arrangement will free up quite a bit of space on the deck for figures and possibly a second gun.  

All the best!

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