Friday, 11 July 2014

HOTT Grids

Bit of a boring post this but since I did the work I felt you should share in the tedium. I have read several accounts of HotT players using a gridded mat. They use either hexes or squares and this apparently make the game flow more easily. It also eliminates all micro-measuring which is surely a Good Thing. 

I have two mats. One is two feet square. The second is three feet by just over two feet - six feet square. So not acceptable for competitions but a-ok for fun times at home. I am going to use the larger mat with a view to opening up the flanks of both armies.

So, since all my figures are based using the sizing for 25mm figures eve though they are a mix of 1/72, 15mm, 28mm and random scales. I chose to go with 60mm squares. The process wasn't too arduous. I used a 3m ruler and a Sharpie pen to mark the corners of the squares with black dots.

You can see the results here:

Large Mat With Dots

Small Mat With Dots

I am indebted to this page for the rules and suggestions which I will apply to my own HotT games. Many thanks to the author John.

Updates as they happen!


  1. I'd be fascinated to see how it plays out, although personally I think gridding HOTT loses half of the nuances of it.

  2. You'll be delighted to hear the other sides of the cloths are blank ;-) According to the original author it is a little odd to begin with but quickly he found games played out better with the grid. I'm looking forward to seeing if I agree but I still detest micro-measuring.