Saturday, 19 July 2014

I Name This Ship.....

.......His Serene Highness's Ship Promiscuous. Bless and keep all those who sail in her!

Many thanks to all the chumrades who exercised their franchise in the recent poll. HSH The Grand Tarboosh smiles upon thee.

Some pictures of tonight's naming ceremony in the Tarbooshian port of Evapmylk:

The people of Tarbooshia know that Anahuaco will soon meet defeat and despair now that Promiscuous prowls their coasts looking for conquests.

Naval Might

HSH The Grand Tarboosh
The fragrant Senior Nursing Sister Tweedy
Le Capitaine Petit-Filou
Drums & Colours
The stern prow of Promiscuous's with its big weapon

HSH boards HSHS Promiscuous for the first time; erect with pride.

HSH The Grand Tarboosh turns to acknowledge the cheers of his loyal subjects.

More stuff later!