Thursday, 18 September 2014

At Work With No-Nose McGee

He wasn't always known as No-Nose McGee. He had a nose once, quite a nice one. It wasn't distinguished like those aquiline ones some people sport. No, his was just a nice nose. That was until he started hanging around juke joints and down-at-heel bars where the Low Men congregate to do Low Men stuff. No-Nose liked the look of all this: easy money, fast cars, beautiful women and power.

He got a job as an enforcer, he was good at it. Always got what was due to his boss and he never sliced a piece off for himself. He started to get better at It and then, one day, decided he wanted It all. His boss, quite naturally, objected to this attempted coup against him.

Normally upstarts like McGee would find themselves fitted with concrete boots and a one way swimming lesson. Not this time, this time his boss sent him, all alone, to collect an outstanding debt from an outrageous hoodlum with the name of Mock the Knife.

As you may have already guessed McGee had been set up for a savage beating during which he had his schnozz smashed completely flat and acquired an impressive duelling scar on his left cheek. Mind you, Mock the Knife came off worse......FAR worse and McGee got the money too. His boss was more than a little surprised that McGee had survived the encounter. He did, however, do the decent thing of spiriting McGee away to a 'medical facility' out of town. Once he recovered McGee got a message to leave and never come back.

Since then No-Nose has found a job at Nathan & Co as a warehouse worker. Because of what happened he keeps his head down and is thought of as a mook by his workmates. He lets them think what they like. He isn't a schmo, he's waiting, planning, scheming and will soon become available for a Pulp Adventure or two. Whether he's a reformed good guy, an unrepentant bad guy or a mix of the two remains to be seen.

Nathan & Co.'s Yard

No-Nose McGee Does His Job

Green Crossley Truck

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No-Nose McGee

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