Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Pulp Terrain Items #1

First in a short series on terrain items I have acquired over the last couple of weeks. Once again charity shops have provided a fair chunk of the stuff. Aquarium supply shops are also pretty goldminey but you have to be careful. Prices can induce temporary blindness. I found a supplier on a site named after a large river in Brazil that sells aquarium stuff with potential at reasonable prices: EllieBo.

Since I've mentioned aquaria a lot I'll start the series with this rather fine and imposing piece of Pulp Terrain. You will notice from the photographs that it has two holes in its structure. Apparently this is to give the fish and way in and out which they love. For me I saw entrances to underground caverns filled with (enter name of bad guys of choice here) GOLD!

You will also noticed the green stuff with which the piece is bedecked. This is because anything is possible in Pulp; especially abandoned Egyptian colonies in America (Central &/or South). The piece came fully painted, weathered and with its plant life attached. It's resin and hollow on the inside making it sturdy but light. It measures L 21.5cm x W 10.5cm x h 14.5cm. It has flat surfaces that figures can stand upon easily plus the two holes already mentioned. All for £7.05!

The pictures:

Front Elevation

 LH Side Elevation

RH Side Elevation With Figures

Rear Elevation With Adventure Hole

LH Side Elevation With Figures & Adventure Hole

Updates as they happen!