Friday, 19 September 2014

Pulp Terrain Items #3

From this...

 ...And this...

...To this...
I sanded down the original wooden ornament with a light grade paper. I then used a 6"/150mm steel ruler and a pencil to mark joins where the 'stone blocks' had been fitted together. Following that I used some needle files to, mostly, carefully gouge into the wood along the pre-marked lines.

Once I felt that the grooves looked wide and old enough I washed the head in warm soapy water to get all residues off the wood. After it had dried I undercoated the head with matt black Plastikote ensuring that the paint had gone into all of the head's nooks and crannies.

I used a pot of Flntstone Grey emulsion to get the basic stone effect. It took about three coats to get the finish I wanted. Also I was careful not to let grey paint run into the stone cuts as much as possible. Once the emulsion was dry I used a selection of lighter greys and eventually white (Vallejo Paints) to achieve a weathered effect upon the stonework. To pick out the joints I used watered down Army Painter Soft Tone Ink which did the trick. I also stippled some bright green into corners and other sheltered areas to try and recreate that mossy stuff that grows in these areas.

 ...And finally this.
I based the head upon a piece of, pre-painted,thick card, some kind of coaster. I then used a mix of PVA, Vallejo Green-Brown and budgie sand & gravel around the perimeter. Dry brushed with Vallejo Beige. I used modelling grass in corner areas and sheltered areas of the head. To finish I glued moss around corners and outcrops. I sealed the piece with matt varnish which went a little shiney but that's ok.
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