Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pulp Terrain Items #4

Small dino graveyard. These are the dino fossils that come with Copplestone Castings Back of beyond Set BC8. You may recognise the man with box in the set photo......

It will make an interesting, if perilous place, for intrepid Adventurers, Explorers and Villains to investigate and traverse.

I arranged the fossils to try and tell a story. From top RH corner we have a predator's skull, ribcage/spine, fore-claw, leg-bone and tail. In the top LH corner are the eggs the predator was after. Bottom LH corner is the fossil of a flying reptile whose eggs they were. Both dinos died trying and became fossilised in this place.

I used another thick card coaster as the base. Undercoated in an earth colour. I glued the fossils in place and then painted them up using a base coat, dry brushing and washes to get the effect I wanted. I then sealed them in with a mix of Vallejo Green-Brown, PVA and sand/grit mix. Dry brushed with Vallejo Beige. Some tufts of modelling grass glued into pre-drilled holes. Varnished matt.

Updates as they happen!

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