Thursday, 11 September 2014

Pulp Terrain Items #2

Here's some more stuff with Pulp potential I came across on my travels.

Resin Box with potential as an altar. It's made of resin but coloured as shiny marble.
I am particularly impressed with the filigree work around the sides. 
Very nice and just £1.99 from a local charity shop!

End view with filigree work and figure for scale comparison.

It has a removable lid!
Traders of the Lost Park of The Doves and Ants, anyone?!

Now, what self-respecting Pulpist can resist having some dinosaurs to run away from? Not me that's for sure! I scored these behemoths from Wilko's Shop of Everything for just £2 each. They come pre-painted in a nice hard plastic. I might re-paint them, especially the T-Rex (at least I think it's a T-Rex). 

This is a Brachiosaur. 
I thought it was a Diplodicus but my youngest daughter, 
who is about to go to Liverpool University to read Anthropology, 
informed me I was incorrect. She is wise.

Look at Tony the T-Rex's joy as Baron Brasneki 
informs him his claim for Disability Living Allowance has been successful!

Weird looking 'pre-historic' fish-tank plants stalk the Earth.

Ludmilla the Killer poses in front of a Big Giant Head.
I shall be painting this wooden ornament a nice stoney weathered grey.
£1 from a local CS. Bargainsome!

More Big Giant Head action.

Got these maniacal looking statues from
a fish-tank emporium up the road from my house.
They're hollow, made of resin and are hilarious.

Symion Shetsov finds a soul-mate......

......or two.

Updates as they happen!


  1. I always check out charity thrift shops when I can both here at home and when on business travel - Often strike out but like you, occasionally there are some good "automatic" finds, and others there are things that aren't directly usable, but provide the starting point for a mod / conversion / re-purposing.