Friday, 28 September 2012

¡Viva Anahuaco!

It's been Tarbooshia this and Tarbooshia that for a few weeks now. Time to redress the balance!

Eternal Anahuaco is nothing like this fictional place known as 'Mexico'. Neither does its army bear any resemblance to that of the cartoon character 'Pancho Villa'. El Presidente Death Squad takes the spreading of lies and disinformation most seriously.

The slanders and calumny poured on our leader His Most High And Mighty Excellency, El Presidente For Life Don Llardo de Baluna del Lobby y Correedor by the yellowish press of Wilhelm Rednose Hurtz are not to be believed. Or read by loyal Anahuacans. Literacy in Eternal Anahuaco is running at an all time high of 12% and not the 11% claimed by the filthy Tarbooshian propaganda machine and its tawdry FSA backers.

Defending Eternal Anahuaco is our brave army. Many of them voluntary conscripts and all the better for that. First onto the field and always last off it is our courageous Guard unit:  

       The Redoubtable Guards of 

The Outstanding Power of Eternal Anahuaco 



At Your Target In Front!

Steely Eyed Sons Of Anahuaco!

These toys have a good deal more shading than is really needed for FLW troops but I did paint them some time ago. That's my excuse anyway. 54mm Figures from AiP & Crescent., flag from TVAG.

As always comments welcome.

Talking of welcomes.......hello to StuG whose superb vehicle modelling skills have to be seen to be believed.

All the best!


  1. Nice looking firing line. The crescent figs are, again, rare these days.

  2. Thanks very much, Paul :-)