Saturday, 29 September 2012

2nd Infantry Battalion: Los Voluntarios de Guadeloupdeloupe

A fine body of men, I'm sure you'll agree? Veterans of Vim Fuego, Nuevos Pantalones & Cuerda Antigua the 2nd Infantry Battalion is made up of brave and willing workers and military colonists. They are a tough proposition on the battlefield so let Tarbooshia and the FSA pirates beware! Ready to do and die to protect El Presidente, El Presidente's bank accounts, El Presidente's wife and Eternal Anahuaco. In that order. Anahuaco salutes them!

Los Voluntarios de Guadeloupdeloupe


Discipline is the key to Victory!

I painted this lot up about a year ago; well before I'd ever heard of FLW or even considered garden wargames as the way ahead. 54mm figures from: Airfix, AiP & Steve Weston. Flag from TVAG.


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