Friday, 7 September 2012

The Defence of Vim Fuego

The title is a bit misleading, it wasn't a game. Just me setting up the vital rail junction of Vim Fuego, its buildings and its garrison and getting some shots.

The town of Vim Fuego consists of one street of noisome peasant dwellings. A church with a bell tower - Our Lady of Holy Misery. La Cantina Borracho that also doubles as the town hall. And the all important railway and its station.

The town is garrisoned by units of FLW's Army Lime Green del Norte de Anahuaco under the command of  Mí General Don Bongo de Baluna. The garrison comprises:

4 units of Army Lime Green infantry - 54mm

1 unit of Army Line Green Cavalry - 54mm

2 guns of Army Line Green Artillery - 54mm

1 Hospital Wagon of El Servicio Sanitario - 54mm

Don Bongo's mission is to defend the town, secure the railway & telegraph at all costs from Tarbooshian attacks.

A Panoramic View of the town and its garrison 

Don Bongo leads the defence!

The Left Flank: Artillery dug in in the trees; 
3rd Infantry Regiment in the trenches; 
6th Infantry appearing from behind the church.

The Centre Right.

The Centre Left.
Las Verdaduras advancing to glory.
Los Cacadores de Anahuaco in position at the front.

The Left Flank.
Ably defended by ALGdelNdeA Artillery

La Cantina El Borracho. 
HQ of our Glorious General Don Bongo.
Las Verdaduras to the front!

A sniper & artillery spotter placed in the tower by Don Bongo.
Don Bongo is a military genius!

The Redoubtable Guards of The Outstanding Power of Eternal Anahuaco
The Reserve

El Servicio Sanitario Wagon.

The toy soldiers are a mix of 1/32 54mm AiP Boers, AiP Zulu War British, Crescent Mexicans & SteveWeston Mexicans, Airfix Cowboys and converted Army Men. Flags from TVAG. Guns are Crescent 18pdrs. The limber and hospital wagon I picked up at Birmingham's Toy Soldier Show last year.

All the best!


  1. Great scenario, the Crescent Mexicans paint up well and the buildings are great, looking forward to seeing more of this.

    Best wishes, Brian

  2. Hello Brian.
    Thank you for your kind words and interest.

    All the best