Friday, 28 September 2012

Anahuaco: ¡El Pueblo En Armas!

Having a Guards battalion is all very well but they can't always win without support. And supported they are by the People of Anahuaco who form the bulk of the army. Here we have the 1st Infantry Battalion of the 1st Infantry Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division of The People's Army of Anahuaco.

To ensure the loyalty and steadfastness of the People's Battalions El Presidente has authorised the creation of  a Corp of Comissars. They will be responsible for education, welfare, occasional issue of uniforms, assisting in training and shooting slackers. Laziness and stupidity will not be tolerated in The People's Army.

El Comisario kneels for a better aim whilst El Capitán vogues


I'll be actively recruiting for this unit but for now it is made up of 54mm AiP, Crescent & Steve Weston Figures. Flag by TVAG.

All the best!

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