Sunday, 2 September 2012

....Continuing the nautical theme

My latest project is 54mm - Funny Little Wars. It started off as simply a desire to build two Mexican Revolution forces: Villa & Zapata, Los Federales, las maquinas locas, dynamite bombs, dodgy aircraft, yankee imperialism and tequila. What's not to like?

That's how it all started, and then I saw this: Garden Campaigns and this: Freedonia the Brave! and everything changed. Which is not unusual tbh, my mind does that flicking thing, you know the one.......So now the Mexicans have become Anahuacans but they needed someone to fight. Logic called for a foe from North or South America so I went for an analogue of The Ottomans and called it Tarbooshia (not Fezia, oh no!). Told you I was odd.

Here's a shot of the Tarbooshian Naval Brigade work in progress:

Brave Tarbooshian Sailors at the tailor's

They started life as 54mm WW2 Soviet Naval Infantry (Pegasus) but will now see service with Europa's most modern and forward thinking army as they combat the Anahuacan menace.

The same figures a little later:

First fitting complete

Ready, Willing & Able to do the bidding of  His Serene Highness The Grand Tarboosh

PS Yes it is a GW workstation, a toaster and some meds ;-)

All the best!

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